The Era of Ownership Is Ending [Repost]

REPOST:  The Era of Ownership Is Ending In the 20th century we got used to a certain way of thinking: if you needed something, you bought it. Cars, houses, records, you named it. Efficient manufacturing and logistics made it possible to create an unprecedented global overflow of stuff. Ownership quickly became about being someone; it was a way

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Caring with the 5 Love Languages

This week, we picked caring with the 5 Love Languages as our focus.  If you’ve read the book or know of the 5 Love Languages by Dr. Chapman, it’s a pretty fast read overall. This whole love language thing took off because it really just makes sense – in a common sense kind of a way after

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10 Ways to a Happy New Year 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 from us to you! Happy New Year 2017!  This year, the theme is “Be a better you”.  That is the top goal in the country as we say “happy new year” to each other.  According to recent surveys, data shows that the top new years resolution for 2017 is to be a better

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TIP – How to Do a Secret Post on Facebook

There’s an art to giving a gift well.  There’s usually a process involved in giving a big gift, well – and that’s where GiftStarter comes in making it easy to do that.  Did you know that you can use the power of Facebook to rally family and friends AND keep it a secret for the

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GiftStarter handmade cards (time lapse video)

Our Gift Concierge in this video, is me, Arry.  I’m also the Founder and CEO.  And I have been making the GiftStarter handmade cards since the first day we launched our business.  Here’s a quick video (time lapse) that shows you exactly what goes into create a handmade card today.  Once your gift is funded,

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A Closer Look at GiftStarter’s Handmade Group Cards

At GiftStarter, we think gifts are great—but what we love is giving! Giving is an experience. It’s about showing love and appreciation to the people we care about most. It’s about lifting them up, making them smile, and reminding them that they’re an important and valuable part of their community. And giving a gift the right way, means that

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How GiftStarter Made My 30th Birthday Unforgettable

Hey, GiftStarter fans! My name is Melissa, and I’m a proud part of GiftStarter’s incredible community-rallying team. Each week, I get to share awesome news about all things giving here on GiftStarter’s blog. This week, though, I’m excited to share something really special to me.

I’ve used GiftStarter to give amazing gifts before, but I’d never been a recipient until this past April when dozens of my friends and family pitched in on a campaign my best friend Danielle started for me. Together, my friends got me a $500 Visa gift card to help me afford a trip to Texas to come see them for my 30th birthday. It was funded in no time!  Best 30th birthday gift, ever.

How GiftStarter helped my friends give me the best 30th birthday gift:

best 30th birthday gift

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6 Best Backyard Gifts

Everyone knows someone whose lawn is impeccable and who hosts the best backyard cookouts.  Today, we have something awesome in store for them – we’ve searched and researched to put this list together for you. Here are the six best backyard gifts that are a surefire way to say “thank you” for all those awesome patio hangouts they’ll be inviting you to this summer!

best backyard gifts

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The Best Gifts We’ve Ever Gotten

Need some inspiration for your next big giving experience? Over the last few years, we’ve learned that the most memorable gifts are the ones that combine thoughtfulness, ingenuity, and great timing.  Recently, we spent some time reflecting on the best gifts we’ve ever gotten, which led us to get curious about some of the best gifts you’ve ever gotten. Check

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Meet Superman Sammy! A GiftStarter Community Story

Get ready for one of the most uplifting, best crowdfunding stories about a community that came together to show love and support to a special superhero.  This is GiftStarter’s best crowdfunding story of 2016.

best crowdfunding story of 2016
Sammy and his friend, GiftStarter’s own Adam Brodner!

Meet Superman Sammy!

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