10 Great Escapes You Can Gift To Someone Special in 2016

We’ve curated a list of 10 great escapes you can gift someone special – a list for the gift giver in 2016.  Not all gifts come in bags or boxes wrapped with shiny paper and a pretty bow—some of the best, most unforgettable gifts come in the form of experiences!

If there’s someone in your life who deserves the kind of gift that speaks volumes about how much they mean to you, the gift of travel might be right up their alley. Whether that special someone deserves a relaxing, catch-your-breath style getaway, or they’re jonesing for something a little more heart-pumping, we have a list of 10 great escapes you can gift to someone special that they will go crazy for.

10 Great Escapes You Can Gift To Someone Special

1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota | Give this now!

Escapes You Can Gift to Someone Special

First on our list is Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, a getaway that comes complete with remarkable, natural sites and a little bit of peace and quiet among wide-open, soothing hills speckled with grazing bison. According to the New York Times:

“Fly into Dickinson in western North Dakota to visit the park named after him, where rolling grasslands dotted with bison collapse into the spectacular red, white and gold badlands of tumbling mud coulees.”

2. New York, New York | Give this now!

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It’s easy to find convenient, fun-filled vacation packages to this bustling American city, and there are dozens of ways for someone to enjoy themselves here. In “the city that never sleeps,” some might like a week of Broadway shows, while others might be content to spend their time strolling the buzzing city streets, taking each day as it comes.

3. Toronto, Canada | Give this now!

Escapes You Can Gift to Someone Special

An up-and-coming vacation spot for those who’d like to do some international traveling while staying close to home, Toronto boasts tons of activities for both city-lovers and those seeking a little seaside ease. Sports fans will have a blast catching a hockey game, while others might find some peace of mind in the Toronto Islands.

4. London, England | Give this now!

Escapes You Can Gift to Someone Special

For a European adventure without the language barrier, London, England could be the perfect trip. The best part about a vacation in London is access to dozens of incredible historical sites that trump any historical sites in the states, both in age and in opulence—the Tower of London is almost 1000 years old.

5. Aarhus, Denmark | Give this now!

Escapes You Can Gift to Someone Special

If you’re interested in a trip to Scandinavia, Denmark is a fantastic place to be, though some seeking a little quiet-time might be turned off by the touristy-energy of a city like Copenhagen. Aarhus, Denmark would be an ideal alternative, not often trekked by tourists, and the home of some world-renown cuisine. From the New York Times:

“In summer, Horte Brygga serves fresh, simply prepared seafood right on the shore, while Talldungen, a lovely country hotel and restaurant overseen by two young chefs who fled Stockholm, makes beautiful use of its on-site garden and bakery.”

6. Mount Desert Island, Maine | Give this now!

Escapes You Can Gift to Someone Special

Another great escape you can gift to someone special is an incredible vacation spot for anyone seeking some beautiful, soothing sites and experiences stateside, Mount Desert Island, Maine boasts gorgeous waterfront accommodations, fishing, hiking, and tons of historic lighthouses. Some of the awe-inspiring rock formations were formed by glaciers that melted long ago, leaving behind beautiful strings of gorges.

7. Lana’i, Hawaii | Give this now!

Escapes You Can Gift to Someone Special

If you’re looking for a Hawaiian vacation without the hustle-and-bustle of tourist traps, many suggest Lana’i, famous for being—well, not so famous. The rustic vibe of the island (complete with an unbelievably cool shipwreck) provides visitors with an off-the-grid, relaxing tropical experience, right along with those pure, blue, visions of the Pacific Ocean the islands are known for.

8. A Cruise | Give this now!

Escapes You Can Gift to Someone Special

Cruise gifts are straightforward, easy to purchase, always fun, and easy to get creative with. They also work well with almost any budget: you can find cruises as inexpensive as $50, or even $30 a day with a quick online search. Shorter cruises offer a quick, relaxing getaway, but there are other cruises available that provide long, unforgettable adventures, including some that leave the east coast of the U.S. and don’t stop until they’ve reached Europe.

9. Airbnb | Give this now!

Escapes You Can Gift to Someone Special

Airbnb makes it easy to plan a simple, quiet, “staycation,” or save some cash on accommodations pretty much anywhere in the world. Some enjoy booking a small apartment for a week in a foreign country, living among the locals. Others might enjoy some cabin time at a lake just a few miles from their hometown.

10. One World plane ticket | Give this now!

Escapes You Can Gift to Someone Special

The most opulent gift on our list is a gift for that special person in your life with an insatiable case of wanderlust. One World plane tickets come with customizable airline itineraries that can take a traveler all over the world using a single ticket purchase. The price can be steep, ranging from $3,000 to $10,000, but it’s worth it for this chance-of-a-lifetime gift.

GiftStarter‘s Concierge can work with any Giver one-on-one to create a campaign for any one of these travel gifts. Together with your friends, family, and co-workers, and you can give someone an unforgettable experience. Contact the Concierge today to find out how to give the gift of travel! Hope you enjoyed this list of great escapes you can gift to someone special – whether it be for an anniversary, birthday or just because.

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