10 Ways to a Happy New Year 2017

happy new year 2017 a better you

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 from us to you!

Happy New Year 2017!  This year, the theme is “Be a better you”.  That is the top goal in the country as we say “happy new year” to each other.  According to recent surveys, data shows that the top new years resolution for 2017 is to be a better person.  2017 is a big year for self improvement from the inside out.  We’re talking about character, ethics, morality, personality and the other qualities that really make a person a better human being.  At 16% of people surveyed, being a better person tops the list of New Year’s resolutions for 2017.  Since being in the top spot since 2014, weight loss was knocked down to 10% of New Year’s resolutions.

What does it mean to be a better person?

To start with, I asked everyone on our team here at GiftStarter, and here’s what we think.  It’s not about weight loss or making more money.  Being a better person is all about what’s inside and how we take care of people around us.  To be a better person is to be a more caring person.  What does it mean to be a caring person?  Let’s ask Google.

happy new year 2017 caring

According to Google, to be caring, is to display kindness and concern for others.  Kindness involves “behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern for others.”  So here are some ways to be a better, more caring, kinder, you.

happy new year 2017

10 Ways to Care in 2017:

1. Ask, “Can I help you?”

It’s every action, big and small that defines a person.  Not words.  Show you care by asking every day, “can I help you?”, or “how can I help?”  Then, do it as soon as possible and get it done.

happy new year 2017

2. Open your eyes and be present.

Put down the phone and enjoy life.  Real life.  Hear the birds chirping outside the window as you sleep.  Take a deep breathe and enjoy the time alone to just be.

happy new year 2017

3. Forgive and do it fast.

Don’t beat yourself up.  Let go of that anger on who was right or wrong.  Goodbye to the feelings of hurt or betrayal. It’s a new year – so say happy new year 2017 to people this whole month.  It’s a new day.  It’s a new week.  Spend that energy on something you can affect and control – like being a better person.  Forgive and forget.  Do it fast.

happy new year 2017

4. Get to know yourself regularly.

Try something new.  It doesn’t have to be a big thing like sky diving.  Try a new radio station as you drive home today, you may find you hear a new song and like it.  Take yourself to get your nails done.  Visit the library.  Take a free class.  Read a book.  Put down the phone and let your mind wander for 15 minutes for fun.

happy new year 2017

5. Kill them with kindness.

This goes along with Caring Tip #3, Forgive and Do It Fast.  Go even further and kill them with kindness.  If she didn’t show up and flaked on your meeting, show up to their meeting and on time.  If he hurt your feelings by saying something mean, say something like, “thank you for caring enough to let me know.”  Reduce any strong negative feelings with kindness.

happy new year 2017

6. Put yourself in their shoes.

Stop thinking about what you want them to know, what you want them to hear, what you are going to say or respond with. Pause.  Imagine what their day might have been like today.  How did they wake up?  Did they eat lunch?  What’s going on in their lives right now?  Tell them, happy new year 2017 and move forward.

happy new year 2017

7. Go big or go home.

If you’re going to put in the energy, the resources, the time to do something — do it all the way and do it right.  Let’s inspire the Yoda in ourselves with the quote, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

happy new year 2017

8. Pay it forward.

Be kind to someone, every one. No reason at all.  And do it again.  It’s that feeling you get when someone is kind to you, you get inspired to be kind to the next person you see. And then, do it again and again.  It’s contagious.

happy new year 2017

9. Smile.

This is contagious, too.  Smile.  Like this furry guy:

happy new year 2017

And if you have a pen or pencil laying around, try holding in your mouth with your front teeth only.  It forces you to smile. And whether you feel silly doing it, or it truly exercises our smiling muscles, this little exercise will make you feel better for a few moments.

10. Say, “Please”, and “Thank you” often.

If you read this far, Thank you!  We’ll share more ways you can demonstrate you care in future posts.  For now, cheers to you, the people we love, and to being a better you and me this year.  We can do this, together!  Happy new year!

happy new year 2017


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