5 Gifts For The Spring Cleaning Fanatic

We all know someone who transforms into Mr. or Ms. Clean every Spring. There’s no way you can talk them out of Spring cleaning, but there may be a way you can help by giving your meticulous friend the perfect gift. 

Give them one less thing to worry about.

5 Gifts for Spring CleaningRoomba® 650 Vacuum

The iRobot® Roomba® 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot will get the job done when Spring cleaning is in full swing. Its ability to auto adjust to carpet, tile, linoleum and wood floors, its Virtual Wall capability that confines it to specific rooms, and its ability to return to its charging base when it’s finished cleaning makes the Roomba a great cleaning companion.

Great storage ideas don’t have to come in big packages.

5 Gifts for Spring Cleaning

Anthracite 5-Bin Storage Tower

The Anthracite 5-Bin Storage Tower will keep small items out of sight. This compact storage unit is perfect for hair brushes, hair accessories, TV remotes, office supplies, craft supplies, baby items, DVDs and CDs, small tools or any other small items that would otherwise be scattered about collecting dust.

Make spring cleaning feel less tedious

5 Gifts for Spring Cleaning
Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Nothing helps pass the time faster than music. The bluetooth technology of the Beats Over-Ear Headphones allows a 30-foot cleaning range from the paired device. And don’t worry about loved ones missing incoming calls. The built-in microphone permits hands-free phone conversations for non-stop cleaning.

Help them unwind.
5 Gifts for Spring Cleaning
Wine Gift Certificate

It’s difficult to unwind after a long day of cleaning, but with a wine gift certificate, the wine connoisseur can choose any wine they prefer to relax with when the work is finished at the end of each day.

Spring cleaning can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete! Do your part to get your sanitary-conscious friend or family member back as quickly as possible.

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