7 Fundraising Ideas for School Clubs That Actually Work

Down with boring bake sales! Just say, “No!” to hawking magazine subscriptions door-to-door. Your school club needs some fundraising ideas that get everyone excited, and that actually work.

Here are 7 tried-and-true fundraising ideas that work, are easy, entertaining, and will encourage participation from your whole school, every time.


7 Fundraising Ideas That Work

1. Kidnap the Teacher

For this fundraiser, whichever class raises the most cash will have their teacher “kidnapped” and replaced with a substitute teacher for a period of time. They’ll also receive a party.

Instruct every teacher in school to keep a jar on their desk for donations. For a week, students bring in change, cash, or check donations from home to drop into the jar. Encourage donations by telling students that the classroom who donates the most cash will have their teacher “kidnapped” for an hour! At the end of the week, crunch the numbers. Then, members of your school’s club show up, “kidnap” the teacher, and deliver a substitute teacher and pizza for the class.

2. Pajama Week

For one week, students can “buy” a pajama day by donating cash to your school club as they walk into school. The student shows up in their pajamas, drops their donation off, and receives a wristband to wear so it’s obvious that they’ve donated and earned their pajama day. Consider setting a minimum $1 donation in order to earn a pajama day wrist band. (The wristbands ensure that the school dress code remains enforced by students who have not donated.)

3. Kiss the Fish

If your school has big rallies (such as weekly football or sports rallies) a Kiss the Fish fundraiser is a great idea. It’s pretty easy to find a whole fish for kissing purposes at the local grocery store or butcher, too.

One way to do this fundraiser is similar to the Kidnap the Teacher fundraiser: the students whose classroom earns the most amount of money will be able to get their teacher to kiss a fish at the big rally at the end of the week, in front of the whole school.

Another version of this fundraiser would be to set a secret goal amount, and inform the school that if the goal is reached, the principal will be kissing a fish in front of the whole school at the end-of-week sports rally. Donations to your school’s club could be accepted in the main office.

4. 50/50 Raffle

50/50 raffles are pretty popular, and very easy to do. Sell raffle tickets for $1 or so a piece. Whoever wins the raffle will receive 50% of the total money earned, while your school’s club keeps the other 50%. Everyone loves winning a little cash!

5. Free Pass Day

This fundraiser is almost like a silent auction. The student in the school who donates the most amount of cash will earn a Free Pass Day. They’ll be allowed to come to school in their pajamas and spend a certain amount of time in the teacher’s lounge relaxing, reading, watching movies, and having snacks. The Free Pass Day can last all day, half a day, or just for one class period.

6. Dress Up the Principal

Pick a couple of crazy outfits or costumes you’d like to see the principal dressed up in for a day, and display those outfits near the donation area in a central location of your school. (You can use pictures of the outfits if you can’t get your hands on the actual clothing.) Set up donation boxes or jars in front of each outfit, and have students and teachers drop donations in front of the crazy outfit they want to see the principal wear. Whichever outfit receives the most donations is the one the principal has to wear for a day! (This could also be done with another school administrator, or just one teacher.)

7. GiftStarter Raffle

Have your school club create a campaign on GiftStarter for either a gift card set at a certain amount, or the item your club needs (such as t-shirts, a piece of equipment, or a school trip.) When someone purchases a piece of the item on the GiftStarter campaign, their name is entered into a raffle to win a specific prize. To advertise the campaign, create fliers or send out campus-wide emails with the URL to the GiftStarter campaign, the item you’re trying to raise funds for, and the item your club plans to raffle off.

Once the campaign is complete and your school club receives GiftStarter’s handmade group-card (with all the donors’ names and messages on it) you can display those cards in a central location so everyone can see who made your fundraising dreams possible!

Fundraise for your school club using GiftStarter—create a campaign today!


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