7 Fundraising Ideas for School Clubs That Actually Work

Down with boring bake sales! Just say, “No!” to hawking magazine subscriptions door-to-door. Your school club needs some fundraising ideas that get everyone excited, and that actually work. Here are 7 tried-and-true fundraising ideas that work, are easy, entertaining, and will encourage participation from your whole school, every time. 7 Fundraising Ideas That Work 1. Kidnap the Teacher

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The Origin of Mother’s Day and Why We Give

Maybe you’ve heard this before: “Mother’s Day—it’s just a meaningless, corporate holiday. Why celebrate it? We should show love to our mothers everyday!” Well, the cynics may have one thing right: we absolutely should show our hardworking, adoring mothers our appreciation for them every day of the year. But is Mother’s Day really nothing but a “corporate holiday” invented

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8 Gifts to NEVER Give Mom on Mother’s Day

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, we know what you’re thinking: “It’s the thought that counts.” Right? Of course it is! Well—unless that Mother’s Day gift is one of these 8 gift-flops that are likely to leave Mom feeling more awkward than appreciated. No worries, though: we’re here to help you

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How to Crowdfund a Computer for a Teacher’s Classroom

Whether you’re a parent, a school administrator, or simply a concerned citizen, chances are you’re aware of the crises facing underfunded public schools, and the dedicated teachers who are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars of their own money every year to maintain their classrooms (in addition to working well beyond a typical 40-hour workweek.)  You

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10 Gifts New Moms Want but are Afraid to Ask For

It’s easy for a mom to express joy and gratitude over her new baby—and we all see her happy, optimistic social media updates and her rosy smile.  But there’s more to that new mother than meets the eye.  For new mothers, it can be hard to ask for the things they really want, and often

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Bottoms Up! GiftStarter’s Top 10 Beer Gifts

The snow is melting, the rain is pouring, and with the arrival of Spring, the shamrocks are sprouting. St. Patrick’s Day is here! Unfortunately, we still haven’t quite figured out how to create GiftStarter campaigns for rainbows or pots of gold, but we have an amazing team of engineers, so we’ll work on that. Meanwhile, here are some great gift

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What You Need to Know About the New GiftStarter

A few weeks ago, we unveiled GiftStarter v1.3, and a few days ago, 1.4! We updated you with this blog post, and this blog post, but we thought it would be important to provide you with a simpler, slightly less techy breakdown. Why the Update? We’re a new and extremely innovative crowdfunding platform: there is no

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Cheer Them On: 8 Awesome Gifts for Athletes

Even the most highly motivated athletes need to know that their teammates, friends, and family are supporting them. Check out these 8 awesome gifts for athletes that are perfect for giving together with GiftStarter! Cheer Them On: 8 Awesome Gifts for Athletes 1. Icon XL Convertible Backpack, $200 | Give this now! This Hylete Icon XL convertible backpack

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6 Tips For Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded—Every Time

GiftStarter is committed to making your dreams as a Giver come true. But sometimes, as a Giver, worrying about getting your Campaign fully funded can be a little scary. Don’t forget: GiftStarter is the only crowdfunding platform that gathers up all the funds that you have collected, and sends the recipient the gift credit with a gift card for that amount, rather than leaving anyone empty-handed.

But an incomplete Campaign? Nope!
That’s not what you came here for.

You came here because you had an amazing gift in mind, and you knew GiftStarter was the platform that could help you make that giving experience a reality.

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Combine our passion for community, your tenacity as a Giver, and these 6 tried-and-true tips for Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded.

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8 High Tech Winter Gear Gift Ideas (for People Who Are Always Cold)

It’s bad enough that those dark winter months seem to give even the sunniest of us the gloomies—on top of that, it seems almost impossible to get, and stay, warm.  Thankfully, GiftStarter is here, and we’re experts in the science of cheering up and warming hearts! This winter, boost your mood by getting together with friends and family, and becoming a Giver.

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