The Best Gifts We’ve Ever Gotten

Need some inspiration for your next big giving experience? Over the last few years, we’ve learned that the most memorable gifts are the ones that combine thoughtfulness, ingenuity, and great timing.  Recently, we spent some time reflecting on the best gifts we’ve ever gotten, which led us to get curious about some of the best gifts you’ve ever gotten. Check out how members of the GiftStarter team answered, and then read on to find out how you answered. You’re sure to be inspired!

The Best Gifts We’ve Ever Gotten

Best Gifts We've Ever Gotten
Arry Yu, GiftStarter Co-Founder and CEO
Best Gifts We've Ever Gotten
Tyler Goelz, GiftStarter UX Engineer


Best Gifts We've Ever Gotten
Arianna O’Dell, GiftStarter Community

Adam Brodner, GiftStarter Community team member, also contributed this incredibly heartwarming video about the best gift he’d ever received:

That’s our list of the best gifts we’ve ever gotten.  What about you? Here’s what YOU had to tell us about the best gifts you’ve ever gotten:

“A friend gave me a copy of The Alchemist at the exact point in my life when I needed to read something like that. There’s no better gift than a used book, properly chosen.” Matt W., Tacoma, WA

“My son got me a pink fishing rod and a matching fishing shirt two Mother’s Days ago. And this year my boyfriend got me mastodon-printed tights that are, well, tyte.” Lorena B., Weslaco, TX

“A hair straightener. My dad bought me the best straightener for Christmas. It’s not the straightener that I consider the best gift ever—it’s that my dad went into the salon side of JCPenny’s, told the lady about my hair and picked it out. That’s big stuff! Plus, it’s an amazing straightener. That year, he gave us all precious gifts. Gifts he wrapped himself and wrote personalized labels on them.” Amanda E., McAllen, TX

“My husband made note of some graphic novels I had expressed interest in, but didn’t want to spend the money on, so he stole them for me…just kidding! He purchased them and gave them to me a few months later as a Christmas gift. It was such a nice surprise and I didn’t expect it.” Selene G., Virginia Beach, VA

“My kitchen aid stand mixer. I had wanted one for years and wasn’t expecting it when I got it. I sobbed like a baby.” Carrie F., Ft. Wayne, IN

My Movado watch. My husband wanted me to have an accessory that would look really nice and elegant for my work meetings—like I was a boss ass woman with power!” Ellis N., Dallas, TX

“My grandparents bought me a car in high school. That was pretty sweet. My husband says his favorite gift ever was the LOTR trilogy given to him by his foreign exchange brother.” Jen S., Lawrence, KS

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