A Closer Look at GiftStarter’s Handmade Group Cards

At GiftStarter, we think gifts are great—but what we love is giving! Giving is an experience. It’s about showing love and appreciation to the people we care about most. It’s about lifting them up, making them smile, and reminding them that they’re an important and valuable part of their community. And giving a gift the right way, means that we always include GiftStarter’s Handmade Group Cards with each gift.

It feels great to receive a card from one person with a kind message, so imagine how it feels to receive a card with lots of messages from lots of people who care about you! That’s why everyone who pitches in on a GiftStarter campaign has the opportunity to leave behind a message on the gift recipient’s group card.

Then, GiftStarter takes all those messages and goes the extra mile by creating a handmade, keepsake card for them—something they can physically hold and cherish forever, that won’t get lost in the digital ether!

Check out GiftStarter’s Handmade Group Cards!

On the campaign page, the group card looks like this:

GiftStarter's Handmade Group Cards

When the campaign is over, we get to work creating these!

GiftStarter's Handmade Group Cards

GiftStarter’s Handmade Group Cards are printed in house, and assembled by hand with love and attention. GiftStarter's Handmade Group Cards

We did mention they’re handmade, right?

GiftStarter's Handmade Group Cards
GiftStarter CEO Arry assembles lots of GiftStarter’s Handmade Group Cards herself! Dedication!


GiftStarter's Handmade Group Cards
It’s worth every minute we put into them!

In our last post, I talked a little about how GiftStarter helped give me the best 30th birthday ever. The memories I made on my birthday trip to Texas were unforgettable, but once my trip was over, I still had my group card to help me remember how loved and appreciated I am by my friends and family. Check it out!

GiftStarter's Handmade Group Cards GiftStarter's Handmade Group Cards

I’ll keep this forever – GiftStarter’s Handmade Group Cards are so special.

What will you give next? Create a campaign on GiftStarter now and we’ll create a handmade, keepsake card your loved one will cherish!

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