Founder, Mom, and a Tech Accelerator

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Founder, Mom, and a Tech Accelerator

GiftStarter co-founder, Christie recently wrote a great piece on Medium titled, How to treat a mom in a tech accelerator, that’s gotten a bit of reads lately.  She writes about being a founder, mom, a working woman, and a wife.

What’s it like?  Often we forget that most of us have different roles as people.  Sometimes we are at work and are contributing to a project, leading a team, or debugging code.  Sometimes we are a place of comfort to our spouses or children.  Sometimes we are out with friends dancing the night away.  All of these are parts of us that make up who we are as a whole.  Take a moment to step back and see your colleagues, family and friends, and yourself as whole people.  It’s okay to be both strong and vulnerable, to be kind and fierce, and to be driven and tired.  All of these parts of us make us human – and together, we can do so much.

Together as whole people.  Together as whole communities.

Read the full post by Christie here.

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