6 Tips For Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded—Every Time

GiftStarter is committed to making your dreams as a Giver come true. But sometimes, as a Giver, worrying about getting your Campaign fully funded can be a little scary. Don’t forget: GiftStarter is the only crowdfunding platform that gathers up all the funds that you have collected, and sends the recipient the gift credit with a gift card for that amount, rather than leaving anyone empty-handed.

But an incomplete Campaign? Nope!
That’s not what you came here for.

You came here because you had an amazing gift in mind, and you knew GiftStarter was the platform that could help you make that giving experience a reality.

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Combine our passion for community, your tenacity as a Giver, and these 6 tried-and-true tips for Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded.

6 Tips For Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded—Every Time

Tip 1 for Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded: Choose a great image for your Campaign

Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded
Check out this fully funded campaign! It was for $1,000 worth of food delivery services for a friend who was recovering from surgery. The recipient’s picture is behind that mosaic of family/friends that contributed!

GiftStarter allows you to customize your campaign with any image you want.  Most people choose to use an image of the item they want to gift (which is the default), which is great! But what if you’re trying to fund something a little less exciting, like a gift card? Consider choosing an image of the recipient! That way, when Contributors visit your Campaign page, they’ll see the recipient’s bright and shining face, and remember what the end-goal is: to keep that face smiling.

Tip 2 for Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded: Be descriptive

When creating your Campaign, it’s usually not enough just to say, “We’re getting this bike for Julie’s birthday—pitch in!” You can encourage more contributions by being descriptive and creative. Start by coming up with a catchy title: rather than “Julie’s Birthday,” try, “Make Julie’s Bike Dreams Come True!” or “Julie’s Best Birthday Ever Campaign!” Then, in the description, tell contributors about Julie. What’s awesome about her? Why does she deserve this bike more than anyone? What will she be able to do with this new bike that she can’t do on her old one?

Tip 3 for Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded: Don’t be shy—be social!

Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded

Sharing the link to the Campaign on your Facebook page once isn’t enough. Expect to do it multiple times. If you want the gift to be a surprise, just adjust the post settings accordingly so that the recipient is blocked from being able to see the post. We’ve seen lots of Givers create whole Facebook groups just to be sure they can make Campaign updates easily, and in such a way that all contributors get Campaign reminders. Sending private messages, emails, and DMs on Twitter also works wonders.

Sometimes people won’t pitch in right away because they’re waiting for pay day to come along, or they’re waiting to talk to their spouse, or to check their bank balance. This is why it is important to send reminders, diligently. Don’t let them forget about your campaign!

Tip 4 for Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded: The shorter the deadline, the better.

The key with any successful gift campaign is momentum. Most people think that making a longer deadline will allow more people time to pitch in. We’ve found this to be… not so true. When a campaign lasts too long, potential Contributors will often put off pitching in until they’ve completely forgotten about the Campaign. The highest level of campaign excitement tends to happen within the first week of the campaign being posted. Ride that first-week momentum! Set your Campaign to be live for only 2-3 weeks, tops, for maximum contributions.

Tip 5 for Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded: Pitch in first, and buy pieces toward the center.

When a potential Contributor visits your Campaign page, they’ll be more encouraged to pitch in if they see that some pieces have already been purchased. Liken it to a kind of joyful hivemind: when you see your friends having fun, you’re going to want to have fun too! Pitch in first, so they can see your picture and your group-card message. It’ll also give them a better idea how the whole Campaign page works.

Also, when you do the first pitch-in, avoid buying a piece on the top left corner. While we’re not sure why, we’ve noticed that there’s something about making those first pitch-ins on the other corners, or in the middle, that encourages Contributors to jump in.

Whether you purchase pieces in the middle, or on the edge, though, it’s still extremely important for the Giver to make those first contributions in order to create a more inviting Campaign!

Tip 6 for Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded: Set the cost of each piece low

Getting Your Campaign Fully Funded

Sometimes, we find that Givers are hesitant to set the cost of each piece lower because when there are lots of pieces to be purchased, it makes it feel as though the goal is further away. This isn’t true!

While a low “per-piece” cost does indeed result in more pieces to purchase, it is also far less daunting for Contributors who might not have as much cash to spend. (And that’s the goal of GiftStarter—making every giving experience more affordable than it would be if a Giver had to do it all alone!)

Encourage contributions by making each piece as affordable as possible. And don’t be shy to remind Contributors that they can always purchase another piece at a later date or purchase more than one piece.

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