GiftStarter handmade cards (time lapse video)

Our Gift Concierge in this video, is me, Arry.  I’m also the Founder and CEO.  And I have been making the GiftStarter handmade cards since the first day we launched our business.  Here’s a quick video (time lapse) that shows you exactly what goes into create a handmade card today.  Once your gift is funded, you can contact the Gift Concierge with any special requests for the card.  For example, does the recipient have a favorite color?  We can customize the card to have that favorite color.

The process of making the GiftStarter handmade cards goes something like this:

  1. Make sure all the photos and personal messages look great.  We like to make sure that if someone didn’t choose a photo or image for their card, that we auto-select a personable image for them for the card.  It really creates a magical communal touch to the handmade card experience.
  2. Print them onto our special white cardstock paper.  The special card stock paper we use is thicker so that it feels special.
  3. Handcut the cards into 6″ x 4″ cards.  The beauty of handcut cards is that they are not all the same size.  It’s similar to the old days when books were also created by hand and all the pages were not exactly the same size.
  4. Then we hole-punch the cards so that we can tie them up with a ribbon.  One great thing about the design of the GiftStarter handmade cards is that as a recipient, you can untie the ribbon, and actually hang the cards in your home or office (sort of like what you do with Christmas cards).  You can also put them side-by-side in a frame and hang them on your wall as a reminder of all the people that love you in your life.
  5. I always include a personal note.  Each gift is special to our company and we like to let our giftees know that.
  6. We wrap the GiftStarter handmade cards using a special piece of colored paper.  Yes, the GiftStarter handmade cards are like gifts themselves, and so we wrap them.
  7. Address the envelope to the gift recipient and insert the card.
  8. And voila!  The GiftStarter handmade cards are ready to ship.

Check out the video or feel free to email our Gift Concierge team any time with any ideas or requests.

GiftStarter handmade cardsGiftStarter handmade cards

Happy gifting!

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