I’m a Minimalist, and I Love Giftstarter

There’s a science to happiness, according to this article on the New Republic, and that science is giving!

Surprised? Well, in a society that tells us the more we have the happier we will be, we tend to forget that giving is just as exciting as getting — probably even more exciting.

That, my friends, is why I love GiftStarter — even though I’m a self-proclaimed minimalist! (As are many of us on the team.)

Let me explain.

Mother Teresa knows what’s up when it comes to giving!
Mother Teresa knows what’s up when it comes to giving!

My friends and family have heard me say time and time again, “I hate stuff. I hate stuff, I hate clutter, and I hate being surrounded by things I don’t need.”

At least twice a year, I go through my whole, 900-square-foot, cozy little midwestern home and dump it out. In fact, I just did this a few weeks ago. My dad came by with his pick-up truck and I literally filled the entire bed of the truck with Goodwill donations — things I’d pulled out of closets and drawers and nooks.

Don’t believe me? Look!

IMG_4402 (1)
Real picture of my dad’s truck filled with Goodwill goodies.

And you know what? I’m not alone. Two members of the GiftStarter team are full-time travelers, straight up living out of their suitcases by choice. No one around here likes stuff.

So why devote so much of our lives to a social group-gifting app that boasts a selection of 4+ million products from reputable retailers? Shouldn’t we, I don’t know, be committing ourselves more to inspiring people to let go of stuff?

The thing is, we are.

We all know what stuff is. Stuff doesn’t bring you joy. Stuff is… stuffy.

We don’t need stuff, and we don’t want stuff. One of the leading principles of minimalism tells us that we shouldn’t keep anything unless we need it, or unless it brings us joy; a principle we’re all pretty familiar with here. That’s why we love our company so much.

GiftStarter isn’t in the business of stuff. We’re in the business of joy.

We’re in the business of happiness. Our whole model would look entirely different if we weren’t. We’ve created a platform perfectly designed to help our customers give gifts that their loved ones will sincerely cherish, gifts that they sincerely need, even life experiences in the form of gifts.

More importantly, we’ve created a platform that eliminates the need for multiple, impersonal greeting cards — stuff — and instead provide a handmade card filled with loving comments and pictures from all the recipient’s friends and family, a true keepsake.

We don’t love stuff, we ❤ you! And we want to help you, and everyone around you, tap into that scientifically proven well of happiness that is giving.

Content crafter at GiftStarter. I’m fascinated by storytelling, music, and art. When I’m not writing, you’ll usually find me watching movies with my daughter or perusing a nearby book or record shop.