Pull request template and easier code review

As Engineers, we often identify our ability to write and push code as our value to a company; documentation of an issue, commit, and/or pull request can easily become a – sometimes tedious – afterthought. It’s no wonder why… most of us are used to working with non-technical people, in a culture that doesn’t protect

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Campaigns [Feature Update]

tl;dr: Want to skip the hoopla and see the dirty nerdy of the Campaigns feature update? Check out the Pull Request here.

Our goal at GiftStarter is to create an economy – the giving economy. We understand the value that comes from giving and its ability to build relationships and strengthen bonds while giving a unique and special feeling to everyone involved.

When it comes to giving gifts as a group (i.e. “group gifting”) there are three types of people involved: The Giver, the Contributors, and the Receiver.

The reason for this feature update, and this post, is based on the Contributors and the User Funnel we defined for them.
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Faster AngularJS or how not to shoot yourself in the foot

Release of AngularJS 2.0 approaches, and performance issues with the first version still remain. This post focuses on the fasterAngularJS applications and will be useful for both beginners and those who already uses the framework, but have not yet encountered problems with performance. As is known,AngularJS is a declarative frontend  framework that provides a convenient data binding .

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Hello Geeks

Welcome to GiftStarter I/O. We Love You.