Campaigns [Feature Update]

tl;dr: Want to skip the hoopla and see the dirty nerdy of the Campaigns feature update? Check out the Pull Request here.

Our goal at GiftStarter is to create an economy – the giving economy. We understand the value that comes from giving and its ability to build relationships and strengthen bonds while giving a unique and special feeling to everyone involved.

When it comes to giving gifts as a group (i.e. “group gifting”) there are three types of people involved: The Giver, the Contributors, and the Receiver.

The reason for this feature update, and this post, is based on the Contributors and the User Funnel we defined for them.

Who is a Contributor?

A GiftStarter Contributor, simply put, is a person that enjoys contributing to a portion of a gift.  A Contributor would rather not have to setup, orchestrate, and ensure enough money is contributed in order to give a gift.

Why update Campaigns?

A group gift is nearly impossible unless there is enough help from Contributors. And, what we noticed was Contributors were having trouble contributing to Campaigns. That’s a problem. So, with the creation of one Github Issue – to move the “Pitch-In” button above the fold – the ability to contribute to a Campaigns easily became top priority.

Why escalate from the optimization of a button to a complete page redesign?

Well, because we aren’t here to do a half-assed job, we’re here to do a full-assed job…

And, in this case, the full-assed job was improving the entire Campaign experience, not simply moving a button above the fold. Duct tape might last a while, but it’s still only a temporary fix for something broken.

How have Campaigns changed?

Pitch-in grid and pitch-in button
The biggest difference you’ll notice in this update is the pitch-in grid and pitch-in button are in closer proximity. This requires less movement (mouse on large screens and finger on small screens) when clicking a tile to select pitch-in amount and moving to clicking a button to begin pitching in.

More opportunities to pitch in
Next, we’ve made it even easier for people to go from “wanting to pitch in” (tile click) to “pitching in” (click pitch-in button). On smaller screens, there are now two pitch-in buttons: one is connected to the pitch-in grid and another is below the Campaign details. On large screens, the pitch-in grid and pitch-in button are “sticky” (using Semantic Sticky) so they scroll with the user as they explore the campaign details. This way, the user is always able to click more tiles (or less, which is highly accommodating) through the entire pitch-in process.

Campaign details
The Campaign details have seen some major updates including a larger title, “created by” and “for” labels, updated “Pieces Bought” and “Percent Complete”, intelligent date labels (using angular-moment), and an upgraded funding bar (using Semantic Progress). Also, we’ve upgraded a non-active (past end date/funded) Campaigns UI.

Group cards
The Group Cards have gotten a huge update too. Now, instead of being full colored, they have accent colors. From a UX standpoint, the accent color allows the viewer to focus on the primary goal of the page: pitching in. Also, the cards now focus heavily on the note the Contributors wrote, have a timestamp (again using angular-moment), and indicators for the Giver and logged in Contributor.
Gift Campaigns [Feature Update]

The short of the long…

What started as moving a button above the fold ended up a complete page upgrade, but the intention remained the same – make it easier for Contributors to contribute to Campaigns.

Whether you’re interested in checking out the new updates or just want to create a group gift of your own – maybe you’re a Giver 😉 – go to GiftStarter and get started.

Tyler is the chief front-end guy at GiftStarter, ensuring that the experience & interactions you have with GiftStarter are fun and memorable and that everything behaves splendidly.