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Working at GiftStarter is more than just a job. Want to come along for the ride?

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What is GiftStarter?

We’re a small team of people working to make people’s lives happier through gifting. We are here to help people give amazing gifts – and help businesses do it with an amazing experience.

What we focus on is being the best group gifting experience.

GiftStarter’s patent-pending technology divides the perfect gift into “tiles,” giving friends and family the ability to purchase as much or as little as they wish. Once the gift is funded, a handmade card featuring a personal message from each Gifter and the gift is shipped for the customer. It’s easy.

More about GiftStarter

Where will I work?

You will work in the place that strives to bring you joy, that helps inspire you to explore untapped traits and abilities, and helps you on your path to becoming the person that you are. You will work with team members scattered around across time zones to build a better model for culture and an amazing experience for gifting all over.

Happiness is important. The kind of happiness I’d like us to all inspire to drive towards is a long term investment in a durable, sustainable, quality, fulfilling type of happiness that is joy. We’re in the adventure of a lifetime, using a company and its culture in the pursuit of joy – for as many people as we can reach, our people, our partners, our families, and all of our friends. ~ @Arry

Like hackathons? Right now our team is getting together at 500 Startups for weekly hackathons, focused on Marketing, Product Development, Engineering, and more. Last year it was at Nine Mile Labs and Startup Weekend ReDesign Seattle. Moving forward, we’ll hold GiftStarter hackathons each year where we all come together in one place to GyShiDo in amazing style.

How does work happen at GiftStarter?

HolacracyWe’re now at the point where we are highly interested in our organizational structure, but instead of a sense of hierarchy, one inspired by Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations and Holacracy. This knowledge helps us eliminate the need for managers, bosses and formal hierarchy to build an amazing experience.

We are committed to building a set of self-organizing circles, meaning that people are able to propose, join and build within any circle at any time. This really helps us provide a sense of great accomplishment as well as a transparent structure to help measure and grow.

What Matters Most?

What gives GiftStarter the best chance for progress of the product, joy of users and the team, and personal growth while part of the journey?

10 Core Values

  1. Always choose joy
  2. Be committed to transparency
  3. Have a focus on self improvement
  4. Be a “no ego” doer
  5. Listen first, then listen more
  1. Get it done and move on
  2. Make time to refresh & reflect
  3. Live smarter, not harder
  4. Go wide, then decide
  5. Do the right thing

11 Core Commitments

Read the Living Greatness – Core Commitments

How Do I Get Your Attention?

By using GiftStarter! All you have to get started is head to our homepage at, and search for that perfect gift for someone (or yourself!). Then, start your first campaign and get it funded! You’ll undoubtedly meet one of us this way, which is a great way to get introduced 🙂

Open positions

Here are some roles where we’re looking for help! These are not meant to be prescriptive roles in any sense – an engineer might find herself working on marketing tasks just as much as a designer might find himself helping out with customer happiness!