Meet Superman Sammy! A GiftStarter Community Story

Get ready for one of the most uplifting, best crowdfunding stories about a community that came together to show love and support to a special superhero.  This is GiftStarter’s best crowdfunding story of 2016.

best crowdfunding story of 2016
Sammy and his friend, GiftStarter’s own Adam Brodner!

Meet Superman Sammy!

GiftStarter’s best crowdfunding story of 2016 begins with Adam and Sammy.  Our newest GiftStarter team member Adam Brodner recently introduced us to Sammy, a super special little boy who brings a ton of love and joy to all of his family and friends.

Adam, along with Sammy’s family, was saddened when Sammy was diagnosed this past winter with a rare condition called Guillain-Barre syndrome. As Adam put it: “Superman Sammy got hit with some pretty gnarly Kryptonite!”

Researchers are still trying to understand what causes Guillain-Barre syndrome. The syndrome attacks the nervous system, causing the sufferer tons of discomfort—and pain. Thankfully, the condition is treatable, but the road to recovery isn’t easy: even for Superman Sammy and his Wonder Woman mom.

Sammy’s mom told Adam that rocking in a big, comfy rocking chair was incredibly soothing for Sammy, helping him sleep, and helping him ease some of the discomfort caused by Guillain-Barre. “We’d rock and rock until it didn’t hurt anymore,” said Sammy’s mom. The only problem? They didn’t have a rocking chair!

Adam set out to help Sammy and his mom find the perfect rocking chair, but he knew he’d need help from the community to fund it. “I could have never done this by myself,” he said.

best crowdfunding story of 2016

Adam used GiftStarter to create a campaign for the rocking chair. He and Sammy’s mom were both overwhelmed as love poured out from Sammy’s friends and family—the rocking chair was funded in no time.

The love didn’t stop there, though! Everyone at GiftStarter had grown super fond of little Sammy the more Adam talked about how awesome and tough he was. The company donated $100 worth of toys for Sammy and his sister Ella (with a private donor tacking on an additional $100 for an awesome toy shopping-spree,) dinner for the family, and even created a fun, jumbo-sized card for Sammy to enjoy! Check out the card here:

best crowdfunding story of 2016
Sammy’s mom Cindy holds the jumbo card!

Sammy’s card was presented to him at a special fundraising event hosted by Paddy Red’s Irish Pub in Ft. Worth, Texas, including a karaoke contest. Panther City Barbeque also contributed to the fundraiser by catering the event and selling plates, the proceeds of which helped offset the cost of Sammy’s medical bills.

best crowdfunding story of 2016
Celebrating and supporting Sammy and his family at Paddy Red’s Irish Pub, along with the delicious fare of Panther City BBQ in Ft. Worth, Texas!

Sammy’s on the up-and-up, surrounded by love and support from friends, families, and strangers alike. His special rocking chair, funded by his community, is not only helping him heal more comfortably, but will also surely be passed down by the family for years to come.

best crowdfunding story of 2016

You rock, Sammy and Cindy!

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