Moms Tell Us What They REALLY Want for Mother’s Day 2016

It’s easy to perform a Google or Pinterest search for amazing Mother’s Day gifts, and find idea after idea after idea. Still, even with all those well-intentioned ideas, it’s difficult to pin down a gift you’re confident will make Mom feel loved and appreciated.  This year, we’ve done the work of asking moms themselves what they’re really hoping for. Hey—when you need a great gift idea for Mom, why not go directly to the source?  What we learned was that very few moms have a wishlist of products or items they’re hoping for – so that helped us figure out what they don’t want. Instead for Mother’s Day 2016, a vast majority of the moms we reached out to are hoping for things money can’t always buy, along with a day of relaxation, pampering, and a totally checked-off to-do list.

What else? Here’s what the moms we spoke to had to say.

Mother’s Day 2016: What Moms Really Want This Year!

Mother's Day 2016

“What I’m really hoping for this Mother’s Day is to not leave my bed, get dressed or do my makeup. I want to stay in PJs all day and order takeout while my son and boyfriend clean and wash clothes.” —Natalie E. Guercio, Reality TV Star

“Just a day to myself. No agenda. No schedule. No texts.” —Carrie F.

“Actually, a week off would be wonderful.” —Dee Anne E.

Mother's Day 2016

“Short of the angels bringing Prince back, family time with my kids and grandson.” —Angela Jackson-Brown, Author

“My beautiful daughters and their family to always be happy and healthy.” —Cathy J.

“Sleep.” —Ashley M.

Mother's Day 2016

“I believe my wish has been granted. A peaceful and relaxing weekend to myself on the beach.” —Tiyanna Pope, Founder of Leading Ladies of Boston

Mother's Day 2016

“Time together with family at a delicious restaurant together and a photo together.” —Arry Yu, Co-Founder of GiftStarter

This Mother’s Day 2016, take it from moms everywhere: a little TLC will go a long way to making your mom feel appreciated and loved!

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