GiftStarter is the seventh fastest growing company in 500 Startups Batch 14

GiftStarter is the seventh fastest #growing company in @500Startups #Batch14 via @mattermark Click To TweetExciting news! Mattermark – a company specializing in business data collection and analysis –  has named GiftStarter the 7th fastest growing company out of 34 companies in 500 Startups Batch 14.

Mattermark’s list of the top 10 fastest growing companies from Batch 14 was determined by their unique formula which takes into account various aspects of a startup company’s performance in the market. These aspects, according to Mattermark, include things like business metrics, web traffic, and even likes and followers on various social media sites.

We’ve been working alongside all the companies on Mattermark’s list for four months now in 500 Startups’ San Francisco office, and suffice it to say, we’ve seen the hard work that goes into not just getting a company off the ground, but getting it to grow!

In fact, we’ve witnessed every single company in Batch 14 giving it everything they’ve got, which is why they’re not only popping up on Mattermark’s list of fastest growing companies, but they’re popping up on lists like this one and this one, too.

We owe the honor of being featured on this list to our awesome community of supporters and customers, who are not only using GiftStarter to bring joy and happiness to their loved ones, but who are spreading that joy by telling all their friends about it.

Thank you and we ❤ you!

This photo may be dark, but this was the stage area where all the pitches went down. That presentation, though! Big and bright.
CEO Arry pitching GiftStarter at 500 Startups’ Demo Day! Congrats to GiftStarter and everyone in Batch 14!

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