Welcome to the New GiftStarter Blog

We have a NEW GiftStarter #blog on #giving and being #open. Check it out! #giftsMatter #community Click To TweetHey, everyone! We just wanted to drop in and officially welcome you to the new GiftStarter blog!

Whether you’re searching for the hottest new gifts, becoming acquainted with our innovative group gifting platform, or just looking to learn a little bit more about our company culture, the new blog design makes it easy to stay afloat of exactly what it is that you’re interested in.

We’ve done this by creating one blog called giving, one called open, and another called i/o…but we’ll talk more about that one next time.

New GiftStarter Blog
Our giving blog is dedicated to posts that are not only product-specific, but gifting-specific. Here, we’ll be sharing updates about everything ranging from detailed information on how to use GiftStarter, to top gifting lists, Gift Campaign tips, and even a generous helping of inspiration. Keep up with giving if you love blogs about joy, awesome gift ideas, fascinating infographics, and more fun stuff. Not only that, but we’ll be publishing all our favorite GiftStories: stories of real users who have had such incredible, joyful experiences with GiftStarter, they couldn’t help but share those stories with us.

New GiftStarter Blog
Our open blog is a great way to keep up with our journey to greater productivity, more transparency and a happier work culture. Here, we’ll be writing about what makes us tick, how we are building GiftStarter as a company, and a lot of behind-the-scenes information on our failures and our successes to help you face similar challenges.

We hope you love the new blog as much as we do. Keep coming back so you’ll always be the first in the know about all things GiftStarter.

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