What We’re Thankful For

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We’re thankful at GiftStarter.  It’s almost Thanksgiving in the U.S. again – that one day a year that occurs every fourth Thursday in November where Americans dedicate an entire day to focusing on the things which they are most thankful for – like family, friends, and pie. (Mmm. Pie.)

While we definitely think Thanksgiving Day is awesome (read: pie), we also wanted to take a second to reflect upon this awesome truth: gratitude is global. And we’re so thankful that GiftStarter is part of a global community, where gratitude and thanksgiving are things we can share with everyone–no matter where you live, or what day of the year it is.

In fact, our brilliant product engineer, Valentine, lives in Ukraine. And while Valentine might not be celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday around a roast turkey and a cantankerous Uncle Ned, he did send us some really interesting reads on the Ukrainian holiday most closely resembling the American Thanksgiving, called Forgiveness Day, which is celebrated on the last Sunday before Lent.

The fact that gratitude is global means that we can give thanks any time of the year with all our people, our customers, and you – all over the world.

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Arry is “thankful to God for my husband, a healthy pregnancy for our son, Lentil, and GiftStarter”.

Melissa is “thankful for music, writing, and my daughter Evelynn”.

Tyler is “thankful for my family, safe travels, and a special lady named Caite”.

Joel is “thankful for my family and our amazing experiences as the Unmistakable Family.

Valentine is “thankful for my work, my friends and family, and James Naismith, the inventor of basketball!”

Together, we are all so thankful for you. Thank you so much for following the company, supporting us, and for using GiftStarter to bring new and exciting levels of joy to all the people you love the most! And if you haven’t yet, visit GiftStarter.com and let the Gift Concierge help you create a gift campaign for the perfect gift–the kind of gift that will leave someone you love reeling with gratitude.

what we're thankful for


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