How GiftStarter Made My 30th Birthday Unforgettable

Hey, GiftStarter fans! My name is Melissa, and I’m a proud part of GiftStarter’s incredible community-rallying team. Each week, I get to share awesome news about all things giving here on GiftStarter’s blog. This week, though, I’m excited to share something really special to me.

I’ve used GiftStarter to give amazing gifts before, but I’d never been a recipient until this past April when dozens of my friends and family pitched in on a campaign my best friend Danielle started for me. Together, my friends got me a $500 Visa gift card to help me afford a trip to Texas to come see them for my 30th birthday. It was funded in no time!  Best 30th birthday gift, ever.

How GiftStarter helped my friends give me the best 30th birthday gift:

best 30th birthday gift

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6 Best Backyard Gifts

Everyone knows someone whose lawn is impeccable and who hosts the best backyard cookouts.  Today, we have something awesome in store for them – we’ve searched and researched to put this list together for you. Here are the six best backyard gifts that are a surefire way to say “thank you” for all those awesome patio hangouts they’ll be inviting you to this summer!

best backyard gifts

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The Best Gifts We’ve Ever Gotten

Need some inspiration for your next big giving experience? Over the last few years, we’ve learned that the most memorable gifts are the ones that combine thoughtfulness, ingenuity, and great timing.  Recently, we spent some time reflecting on the best gifts we’ve ever gotten, which led us to get curious about some of the best gifts you’ve ever gotten. Check

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Meet Superman Sammy! A GiftStarter Community Story

Get ready for one of the most uplifting, best crowdfunding stories about a community that came together to show love and support to a special superhero.  This is GiftStarter’s best crowdfunding story of 2016.

best crowdfunding story of 2016
Sammy and his friend, GiftStarter’s own Adam Brodner!

Meet Superman Sammy!

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Moms Tell Us What They REALLY Want for Mother’s Day 2016

It’s easy to perform a Google or Pinterest search for amazing Mother’s Day gifts, and find idea after idea after idea. Still, even with all those well-intentioned ideas, it’s difficult to pin down a gift you’re confident will make Mom feel loved and appreciated.  This year, we’ve done the work of asking moms themselves what

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5 Tips for Teaching Your Child Generosity

GiftStarter is the only crowdfunding platform online with a focus on the giving experience. That’s because we’re about so much more than collecting funds: we’re about helping Givers use the act of giving to inspire and encourage their communities.

Many of our Givers with young children are interested in learning how to instill their passion for giving in their kids as well. We get it! With several members of the GiftStarter team being both passionate Givers and parents themselves, we’re always on the lookout for clever ways to teach our kids about being generous, and why it matters.

So, what can you do to help create Givers out of your kids?

teaching your child generosity

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10 Gifts New Moms Want but are Afraid to Ask For

It’s easy for a mom to express joy and gratitude over her new baby—and we all see her happy, optimistic social media updates and her rosy smile.  But there’s more to that new mother than meets the eye.  For new mothers, it can be hard to ask for the things they really want, and often

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Revolutionizing Gift Giving through GiftStarter

This post was originally posted in  We liked it so much, we’re sharing it again here! Point Roberts, WA & Delta, BC – September 22, 2015 ( newswire), a global news source covering leading sectors including tech issues an exclusive Q&A interview with the founders of local Seattle tech startup GiftStarter; Arry Yu

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We Made Our Own Group Gifts Happen In 2014 With GiftStarter

One thing that is common on the team at GiftStarter is our passion for gifting, especially group gifting because of the power of community that is enabled. Well, we thought, why not share with you some thoughts from our very own founder and CEO, Arry Yu, to see what gifts happened in her family this holiday season?  We sat down with her the weekend after Christmas to hear all about it.

Some Questions & Answers with our GiftStarter CEO:

Question: What percentage of the gifts you gave this holiday were group gifts?

AY: Believe it or not, 100% of the gifts I gave to my family and friends were actually group gifts.  We used GiftStarter for 90% of them, too! Hey, you have to dogfood and use your own product, right?

Question: So, the typical difficult gift to find is usually for the older folks like parents, and grandparents. What did you get for the family members that are over say 55?

AY: Ah, you mean my mother and my husband’s parents then. For my mother, we got her a set of fitness related group gifts through GiftStarter: the FitBit One, a teal colored NorthFace pullover, and a pair of Brooks Running sneakers. For my mother-in-law, a GiftStarter group gift for a Visa Cash Card for her to spend on new dining furniture for their new apartment.  For my father-in-law, a GiftStarter group gift for a really nice new fitted suit via another Visa Cash Card.

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True Group Gifting Story About A Bike – Gifts for Friends

This is about one of our first GiftStarters, who got a gift together with his family and friends for Carina.  The story began with a sad event where Carina’s beloved bike got stolen from their porch one week.  Quite the bummer – and the stolen bike was never found.  🙁 A bike was the present he

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