Meet Superman Sammy! A GiftStarter Community Story

Get ready for one of the most uplifting, best crowdfunding stories about a community that came together to show love and support to a special superhero.  This is GiftStarter’s best crowdfunding story of 2016.

best crowdfunding story of 2016
Sammy and his friend, GiftStarter’s own Adam Brodner!

Meet Superman Sammy!

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5 Best Friend Funding Campaigns in 2016

Back in December, we celebrated 5 of our favorite friend funding campaigns. These were stories of people whose friends and family had come together to give them unforgettable gifts—stories that have continued to inspire us to stay generous, and stay grateful for the people in our communities.  Now, it’s time to take another look back

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How to Crowdfund a Computer for a Teacher’s Classroom

Whether you’re a parent, a school administrator, or simply a concerned citizen, chances are you’re aware of the crises facing underfunded public schools, and the dedicated teachers who are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars of their own money every year to maintain their classrooms (in addition to working well beyond a typical 40-hour workweek.)  You

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“I Didn’t Think Anyone Would Pitch In.”

To the rest of the world, Eric Chao’s new Tuft and Needle full-sized mattress probably just looks like an ordinary bed, but to Eric, it’s a heartfelt reminder of how important he is to his friends and family because they did in fact, pitch in.  When we first met him as he had just started

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GiftStarter is the 7th fastest growing company in 500 Startups Batch 14

Exciting news! Mattermark – a company specializing in business data collection and analysis –  has named GiftStarter the 7th fastest growing company out of 34 companies in 500 Startups Batch 14. Mattermark’s list of the top 10 fastest growing companies from Batch 14 was determined by their unique formula which takes into account various aspects

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