How GiftStarter Made My 30th Birthday Unforgettable

Hey, GiftStarter fans! My name is Melissa, and I’m a proud part of GiftStarter’s incredible community-rallying team. Each week, I get to share awesome news about all things giving here on GiftStarter’s blog. This week, though, I’m excited to share something really special to me.

I’ve used GiftStarter to give amazing gifts before, but I’d never been a recipient until this past April when dozens of my friends and family pitched in on a campaign my best friend Danielle started for me. Together, my friends got me a $500 Visa gift card to help me afford a trip to Texas to come see them for my 30th birthday. It was funded in no time!  Best 30th birthday gift, ever.

How GiftStarter helped my friends give me the best 30th birthday gift:

best 30th birthday gift

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Gift Cards Made Awesome with GiftStarter

Gift Cards. We all know what it is like to get them. We know what it like to give them. We recently read this article written by Sigma West Venture Partner, Josh Breinlinger who wrote about his strong dislike of Gift Cards:  Why The $110 Billion Gift Card Industry Must Die and the poor experience around Gift Cards for the recipient. With GiftStarter, we think Josh would agree that Gift Cards have now been made better.

GiftStarter has an ENHANCED EXPERIENCE around Gift Cards – it’s better for both the gift giver and the gift recipients. Why?

a) Gift Givers win because it really is easy. Near-zero effort. Get it done with minimal thinking and also deliver a well-intended, practical gift for the recipient. With each pitch-in, each person that pitches in on the gift also gets to write a personal note to the recipient – communicating that personal touch. And on top of that, GiftStarter prints those words of meaning into a handmade card which is delivered to the gift recipient.

b) Gift Recipients win because they receive the memory of all the personal messages and the handmade card from those that gave the gift. We also have a way to allow them to CHOOSE from whatever available online gift card service their preferred gift.

Here are our top 5 gift cards to gift using GiftStarter:

1) Visa Gift Cards: 

Visa Gift Cards are a Great Group Gift
Visa Gift Cards are a Great Group Gift

Visa Gift Cards are the favorite gift card for all occasions, of all sizes, and for group gifting. If you’re going to go the route of gift card, you want the gift to be as liquid as possible for the recipient. Generally, Visa is accepted everywhere (which is why we recommend it over the American Express gift card). When you pair Visa Gift Cards with the GiftStarter experience, the gift card is given with the handmade card with everyone’s personal messages. On top of it, through our patent-pending gifting experience, we also allow you to UPLOAD your own image OVER the Visa Gift Card. For instance, if the suggested use for the Visa Gift Card is a new sofa, the handmade card would have the image of the sofa with everyone’s wishes who pitched in on the gift. We have also seen this gift card used for charity gifts (Here’s a link to an example gift campaign that was used to buy gifts for the homeless children), as well as being used to give the gift of travel, spa experiences, etc… for friends and family.  If you have a preference for MasterCard or American Express, it is really easy to create as well.

Here’s the custom link to create a GiftStarter gift campaign for a $250 Visa Gift Cards.

Here’s the custom link to create a GiftStarter gift campaign for $250 Mastercard Gift Cards.

Here’s the custom link to create a GiftStarter gift campaign for $250 American Express Gift Cards.

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