The BEST Wedding Gifts

Wedding day. Gift boxes in bride hands

Finding the BEST Wedding Gifts

Weddings are wonderful times for family and friends to get together and celebrate a new chapter in a special person’s life.  When you are invited to share this day with a friend or family member, it is all about helping them celebrate their future life together. We know that the world of wedding gifts isn’t always an easy one to figure out. Here are a few tips to help you find the BEST wedding gift the next time the occasion arises.

Tip #1: Easiest for Everyone to Stick to the registry.

If the bride and groom have a gift registry, we recommend sticking to the items on that list rather than give cash or find another gift.  Easier for you to figure out what will be best for them.  Easier for them because they can get what they need or want.  It also shows them that you took the time to browse the things that they requested.  An example of a registry item is the popular KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  Note: Don’t forget to include the gift receipt.  

Tip #2: Make it Personal

Think about the kind of relationship that you have with the couple. Using experiences, hobbies or interests that you have experienced together adds a unique personal component to the gift. The newlyweds will enjoy the usefulness of the gift, AND they will be reminded of your friendship and support every time they see or use it. You can also choose to add an etching or engraving to the gift to make it even more meaningful.

Tip #3: Learn the Couples’ Style

If most of the items on the registry have been purchased and before you’ve  bought a gift, it is perfectly okay to purchase something not listed. A great way to start is to browse the registry to get a sense of the couples’ style and needs. This will give you a good idea of the kind of types of products they want so that you can purchase something that will go well with the gifts they are already receiving. For example, choose several unique serving dishes that may accompany some flatware or kitchen items the couple will be getting. AND on top of it, going over the registry will also ensure you don’t make a repeat purchase.

Tip #4: Always Include a Meaningful Card

Wedding gift registries make it easy to purchase items that will help the newlyweds build a new life together. However, purchasing a gift off the registry can feel impersonal, but a card can add the personal touch you want to make. Even if you splurge on the gift, do not to skimp on the card. Include a meaningful message with your gift to let the couple know that they have your love and support. A trick on finding the perfect words to write is to visit the Hallmark Website for tips on what to write in the card.

Tip #5: Best is to Go in on a Group Gift

We researched a survey of over 10,000 brides by theKnot, this is something that all brides want MORE of.   The perfect wedding gift is usually accompanied by a not-so-perfect price tag (PLUS there’s always at least 1-2 items on a registry that’s pretty expensive for 1 person/or 1 family unit to buy, like the above mentioned KitchenAid Stand Mixer). Instead of giving up on the chance to give an AMAZING gift, the way to make it happen is through a group gift. GiftStarter makes it quick and easy to split the cost of the perfect gift between two or more people AND they even include a personal handmade card for you. Browse GiftStarter to find exactly what you are looking and select the number of people who will be splitting the costs. Simply pay your portion (you can choose 1 or more pieces to buy on the grid), and feel confident in the quality wedding gift that you will be giving with a communal personal touch from everyone involved. It’s true too that this is a favorite of brides everywhere.

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