What You Need to Know About the New GiftStarter

A few weeks ago, we unveiled GiftStarter v1.3, and a few days ago, 1.4! We updated you with this blog post, and this blog post, but we thought it would be important to provide you with a simpler, slightly less techy breakdown.

Why the Update?

We’re a new and extremely innovative crowdfunding platform: there is no other crowdfunding platform online with a focus on the experience of giving. While the concept of crowdfunding itself is a little “old hat” these days, the experience that we’re offering our customers is something that’s never been done the way we’re doing it. What does that mean? It means that we are constantly learning, and constantly listening to you: our Givers.

So, let’s break it down!

What You Need to Know About the New GiftStarter


No muss, no fuss, and all spelled out.

If you’re a returning Giver and you haven’t tried GiftStarter v1.3, now is the perfect time to set up a brand new campaign to bring some extra joy to someone while also appreciating the new ease and convenience of setting up and sharing that campaign.

If you’re considering becoming a Giver, we’re excited to know that your first campaign will be smooth-sailing and simple for everyone involved.

Whether you’re a returning Giver or brand new one, one things for certain: we love hearing from you. That’s why we’ve also made it even easier for you to chat with us, ask questions, or make suggestions about how we can make the process even more exciting for you.

Check it out:


A simple click on that chat bubble will get you in touch with one of us in no time.

Thoughts on the new GiftStarter? Try it out for yourself: get started with a campaign today!

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